Three-Dimensional Embroiderer

Herringbone Curve

Herringbone Curve, 2012

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Fly Stitch Sand Ripples

Fly Stitch Sand Ripples, 2014

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Point de Sorrento Shoal

Point de Sorrento Shoal, 2013

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Interlaced Aurora

Interlaced Aurora, 2012

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Herringbone Ripple

Herringbone Ripple, 2012

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About Embroiderer Isobel Currie

I am an embroiderer whose aim is to celebrate the beauty of stitch by exploring its structural and sculptural potential. I use the three-dimensional form of a stitch to guide the design of the finished piece, and enhance the visual imagery with vibrant colour. I work on a small scale creating a sense of precious miniaturisation and fragility; using traditional stitches but in an innovative and modern way.

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